1. HW 1 is due Wed, Feb 1 in class and on CMS. I've also posted a variable-precision arithmetic tester for problem 2. An Octave version of the tester is available for those of you who would rather install Octave than go to the labs for access to the symbolic toolbox.
  2. HW 2 is due Wed, Feb 8 in class and on CMS.
  3. HW 3 is due Mon, Feb 13 in class.
  4. Proj 1 is due 11:59 pm on Mon, Feb 20. You may work in teams of two if you wish. You may use the following data file and loader to run basic tests: glinkW.txt and load_glinkW.m.
  5. HW 4 is due Wed, Mar 7 in class. Data files: hw4A.txt and hw4b.txt.
  6. Proj 2 is due 11:59 on Fri, Mar 16. You may work in teams of two if you wish. The prompt refers to the following data file and scripts: blurry.png, p2setup.m, p2runner.m, and p2image.m.
  7. HW 5 is due Mon, Apr 2 by CMS.
  8. Proj 3 is due 11:59 on Mon, Apr 16. You should probably plan to work in groups of two. UPDATE: Based on what I've seen on Piazza over the weekend, the project 3 deadline has been moved back by one day, to Tuesday, Apr 17 at 11:59. The late deadline (for 10% penalty) is Thursday at 11:59. Please note that I have office hours on Tuesday and Thursday, 11-12, and Asher has office hours on Wednesday.
  9. HW 6 is due Wed, Apr 25 by CMS and in lecture. Supporting scripts: frecorder, hw6simpson.
  10. HW 7 is due Wed, May 2 by in lecture. Supporting script: chebode.