Interface Typed

All Known Subinterfaces:
AmbAssign, AmbExpr, AmbReceiver, AmbTypeNode, ArrayAccess, ArrayAccessAssign, ArrayInit, ArrayTypeNode, Assign, Binary, BooleanLit, Call, CanonicalTypeNode, Cast, CharLit, ClassLit, Conditional, Expr, Field, FieldAssign, FloatLit, Instanceof, IntLit, Lit, Local, LocalAssign, New, NewArray, NullLit, NumLit, Receiver, Special, StringLit, TrackedTypeNode, TypeNode, Unary, Variable
All Known Implementing Classes:
AmbAssign_c, AmbExpr_c, AmbReceiver_c, AmbTypeNode_c, ArrayAccess_c, ArrayAccessAssign_c, ArrayInit_c, ArrayTypeNode_c, Assign_c, Binary_c, BooleanLit_c, Call_c, CanonicalTypeNode_c, Cast_c, CharLit_c, ClassLit_c, Conditional_c, Expr_c, Field_c, FieldAssign_c, FloatLit_c, Instanceof_c, IntLit_c, Lit_c, Local_c, LocalAssign_c, New_c, NewArray_c, NullLit_c, NumLit_c, Special_c, StringLit_c, TrackedTypeNode_c, TypeNode_c, Unary_c

public interface Typed

Typed represents any node that has a type associated with it.

Method Summary
 Type type()
          Return the type of this node, or null if no type has been assigned yet.

Method Detail


Type type()
Return the type of this node, or null if no type has been assigned yet.