Class BooleanLit_c

  extended by polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Node_c
      extended by polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Term_c
          extended by polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Expr_c
              extended by polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Lit_c
                  extended by polyglot.ext.jl.ast.BooleanLit_c
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, BooleanLit, Expr, JL, Lit, Node, NodeOps, Prefix, Receiver, Term, Typed, Copy

public class BooleanLit_c
extends Lit_c
implements BooleanLit

A BooleanLit represents a boolean literal expression.

Field Summary
protected  boolean value
Fields inherited from class polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Expr_c
Fields inherited from class polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Term_c
exceptions, reachable
Fields inherited from class polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Node_c
del, ext, position
Constructor Summary
BooleanLit_c(Position pos, boolean value)
Method Summary
 java.lang.Object constantValue()
          Returns the constant value of the expression, if any.
 void dump(CodeWriter w)
          Dumps the AST.
 void prettyPrint(CodeWriter w, PrettyPrinter tr)
          Write the expression to an output file.
 java.lang.String toString()
 Node typeCheck(TypeChecker tc)
          Type check the expression.
 boolean value()
          Get the value of the expression.
 BooleanLit value(boolean value)
          Set the value of the expression.
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acceptCFG, entry, isConstant, precedence
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booleanValue, buildTypes, byteValue, charValue, doubleValue, floatValue, intValue, longValue, printSubExpr, printSubExpr, shortValue, stringValue, type, type
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exceptionCheck, exceptions, exceptions, listEntry, reachable, reachable
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init, node
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addDecls, addMembers, addMembersEnter, buildTypes, buildTypesEnter, disambiguate, disambiguateEnter, enterScope, enterScope, exceptionCheck, exceptionCheckEnter, throwTypes, translate, typeCheckEnter, visitChildren
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acceptCFG, entry, exceptions, exceptions, reachable, reachable

Field Detail


protected boolean value
Constructor Detail


public BooleanLit_c(Position pos,
                    boolean value)
Method Detail


public boolean value()
Get the value of the expression.

Specified by:
value in interface BooleanLit


public BooleanLit value(boolean value)
Set the value of the expression.

Specified by:
value in interface BooleanLit


public Node typeCheck(TypeChecker tc)
               throws SemanticException
Type check the expression.

Specified by:
typeCheck in interface NodeOps
typeCheck in class Node_c
tc - The type checking visitor.


public java.lang.String toString()
toString in class Node_c


public void prettyPrint(CodeWriter w,
                        PrettyPrinter tr)
Write the expression to an output file.

Specified by:
prettyPrint in interface NodeOps
prettyPrint in class Node_c
w - The code writer to which to write.
tr - The pretty printer. This is not a visitor.


public void dump(CodeWriter w)
Dumps the AST.

Specified by:
dump in interface Node
dump in class Expr_c


public java.lang.Object constantValue()
Description copied from interface: Expr
Returns the constant value of the expression, if any.

Specified by:
constantValue in interface Expr
Specified by:
constantValue in class Lit_c