Interface ArrayInit

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, Copy, Expr, JL, Node, NodeOps, Prefix, Receiver, Term, Typed
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public interface ArrayInit
extends Expr

An ArrayInit is an immutable representation of an array initializer, such as { 3, 1, { 4, 1, 5 } }. Note that the elements of these array may be expressions of any type (e.g., Call).

Method Summary
 java.util.List elements()
          Get the initializer elements.
 ArrayInit elements(java.util.List elements)
          Set the initializer elements.
 void typeCheckElements(Type lhsType)
          Type check the individual elements of the array initializer against the left-hand-side type.
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Method Detail


java.util.List elements()
Get the initializer elements.

A list of Expr.


ArrayInit elements(java.util.List elements)
Set the initializer elements.

elements - A list of Expr.


void typeCheckElements(Type lhsType)
                       throws SemanticException
Type check the individual elements of the array initializer against the left-hand-side type. Each element is checked to see if it can be assigned to a variable of type lhsType.

lhsType - Type to compare against.
SemanticException - if there is a type error.