polyglot.ast Contains the AST node interfaces.
polyglot.ext.coffer Coffer, an extension of Java that supports some of the resource management facilities of the Vault language.
polyglot.ext.coffer.ast AST nodes for Coffer.
polyglot.ext.coffer.extension AST extension objects and delegates for Coffer.
polyglot.ext.coffer.parse Parser for Coffer.
polyglot.ext.coffer.types Type objects for Coffer.
polyglot.ext.coffer.visit Visitors for Coffer.
polyglot.ext.jl The Polyglot base compiler extension.
polyglot.ext.jl.ast AST node implementations for the base compiler.
polyglot.ext.jl.parse Contains classes to handle the parsing.
polyglot.ext.jl.qq Quasi-quoting facility for the base language.
polyglot.ext.jl.types Type objects for the base compiler.
polyglot.ext.pao "Primitives as Objects" (PAO) extension.
polyglot.ext.pao.ast AST nodes for PAO.
polyglot.ext.pao.extension AST extensions and delegates for PAO.
polyglot.ext.pao.parse Parser for PAO.
polyglot.ext.pao.runtime Runtime classes for PAO.
polyglot.ext.pao.types Types for the PAO extension.
polyglot.ext.pao.visit Visitors for PAO.
polyglot.ext.param Abstract extension for parameterized classes.
polyglot.ext.param.types Type objects for the param extension.
polyglot.frontend Contains helper classes for the frontend that are used by polyglot.main.
polyglot.lex Implementation of the lexical tokens.
polyglot.main Contains classes to get and parse command line arguments and run the compilation process.
polyglot.parse Parser utility classes.
polyglot.types Contains the type system and all related classes.
polyglot.util Classes to provide compiler utilities, such as data structures and convenience classes.
polyglot.visit Contains the standard visitor which provide type checking as well as output.
ppg The Polyglot Parser Generator.