Evaluate and Apply (by Eli Barzilay, Spring '99)


Data Structures and Functional Programming
Fall 2002

Computer Science Department
Cornell University

New Announcements:

  • Please note that all dates, locations, and lecture topics are tentative. Check this page often for updates.
  • [12/14/2002] We will be hiring a few course staff for next semester. If you are interested in working on course staff next semester, please e-mail Prof. Zabih regarding your interest. (Its a fun job! - Hubert; 2 Thumbs Up! - Frances)
  • [12/14/2002] Final grades are up! It was an great semester, have a good holidays and best of luck w/ classes next semester!
  • [12/14/2002] You may look at your final exam by dropping by Cindy Robinson's office from 1:30PM to 3:30PM starting next Monday, 12/16. You may not keep your final, anyone who takes it away will have us come chasing you down with either rubber balloons or rabid raccoons (it was the only thing i could think of that rhymed :)
  • [12/16/2002] Exam pickup updates: you may not photocopy your exam. The exam stays with cindy, no photocopies, no exceptions. If you really really want to, you can submit regrades but we will not be looking at them for some time and there is also very little chance that any regrade request will effect your grade at all.


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