CS 312 Submission System Instructions

It is very important to read this paragraph:

The instructions below are important. Do not jump straight to the link at the bottom. Do not skim the instructions. Read them. Completely. You must read the instructions before proceeding to the submission site. If you are unable to turn in your homework because you failed to read the directions until the last minute, do not expect us to treat "they were too long" as a valid excuse.

Problem set submission for CS312 will be done online unless otherwise announced.

You will authenticate using your NetID and kerberos password. If you can run sidecar, please do so (on Windows, Start -> Run -> sidecar -> Ok), it will be the most convenient. If you cannot (for example, you are behind a strict firewall or IPMasquerading), you can use CIT's web-based authentication. This will happen automatically if sidecar authentication fails.

You may upload your file(s) at any time up until the deadline. You will have the opportunity to overwrite existing files with new ones up until that time, so don't hesitate to submit early. Everything is logged, so don't worry if your evil roommate ties you up and overwrites your code with the lyrics to the Barney Song. (Note that this means you should definitely not keep submitting your file every single time you change a single line; this will fill up the disk. And since everything is very carefully logged...)

For a given problem set, you may be permitted or required to submit multiple files. (Perhaps your code is broken down into separate files, or maybe we want to see a screen capture.) The submission page lists the files we allow you to submit with a brief description. If you have uploaded anything already, it shows the size and date modified of the most recent version.

You select which file you are uploading, locate the file on your disk (it doesn't need to be named anything in particular; even if a name is given in the description; the system renames it automatically based on which of the options you have selected), and submit the form. Results will be displayed immediately, showing you your current uploads or giving an error message.

The two most common errors are violating the limit of 80-characters per line and not starting SML files with a comment (for example, giving your name and the name of the file). Your files will be rejected if they do not meet the above requirements, so be sure not wait until the last minute in case you need to fix them.

(The next two paragraphs are slightly less important.)

The submission site requires SSL-based authentication. Your NetID will be taken from the authorization information. Note that your browser will complain quite loudly about the Certificate being used. SSL has two purposes, identity verification and encryption. We are using it mostly to provide encryption; for proper verification our Certificate would have to be signed (for a hefty fee -- any volunteers to help out?). Therefore, we signed it ourselves, which causes the web browser to notify you that something may be up. If you'd like to manually verify the certificate, our fingerprint is 9D:04:05:18:C1:88:BC:C9:36:A9:64:E6:11:67:DF:B4.

In Netscape, the warning about the certificate will allow you to accept it either temporarily or permanently (until it expires); feel free to accept it permanently so that you don't have to deal with it every time. In Internet Explorer, it looks like you have to use some sort of certificate install wizard to get it to be saved permanently; take a look around and ask in the newsgroup if you can't figure it out.

Did you read the entire document carefully?

Please read the instructions before proceeding to the submission site.