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About the CMS for CS1132

CS1132 uses the Computer Science Department's CMS (course management system) to maintain records of the assignments and tests that you have taken and passed.

Logging in to the CMS

If you pre-enrolled in the course last semester, then you have been registered in CMS already. You will need your Cornell netid and password in order to log in. To log in, visit this website:

After you have given your Cornell netid and password, a page listing the courses for which you have CMS registration appears. If CS1132 is not one of the listed courses, you are not registered in the CMS for CS1132. In this case, please email Hema and you will be registered as soon as possible.

If you drop the course ...

If you drop the course, email Hema the and ask her to remove you from the CMS. You will receive email announcements through the CMS until you are removed.