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Times and places


Tests will take place in one of the ACCEL labs. There will typicallly be serval 1-hour time slots a week. To take a test you need to register for it and choose one of these slots. Registraction is done through CMS. More information will be posted during the first full week of classes

Optional sections a.k.a. discussion sessions

    Tuesday, 4:40 - 5:20pm, TH205

    Friday, 2:30 - 3:20pm, Upson 211

Discussion sections will begin 2/1/2011

Sections are optional. However, we hope you will use them! Their primary purpose will be to have you, the student, ask questions and discuss problems you are having. There will be no previously agreed on agenda; the discussion will center on your needs.

Please come prepared! Ask questions only on material that you have read, listened to, or studied.

Office hours

  • Hema Koppula: Wednesday, 5:30-6:30pm, Upson 328B, Bay A
  • Bing (Brian) Hua: Tuesday, 5:30-6:30pm, Upson 328B, Bay C

or by appointment (make sure to include CS1132 as the first word in the subject line.)

First meeting

Please attend one of the following sessions:

  • Tuesday, 1/25, 4:40-5:20pm, TH205
  • Thursday, 1/27, 3:35-4:15pm, OLIN 165

These will be informational. We will tell you what the course about how it is run.

Computer labs

The ACCEL Lab, reached through the Carpenter Library, will be open for CS1132 on Monday to Thursday :

5:00–9:00PM, Green room

Matlab Consultants will be present to answer your questions on homework and other course material. Please be aware that, besides CS1132 Consultants, there are ACCEL Lab Consultants who are there to help you with technical issues related to computer operation or printing, but won't be able to offer you help with course specific questions.