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Grades and exams

This is an S/U course.


There will be two exams. The exams require mastery of the material: you will be expected to get 85% on each exam. If you get lower than 85% on an exam, you may take a version of it again the following week. You may continue to take versions of the exam in this fashion until you pass it.

There will typically be several 1-hour time slots each week. To take a test you need to register for it and choose one of these slots. Registration is done through CMS. More information about test times will be posted during the first full week of classes.

The exams will not be overly difficult. Each exam contains a pen(cil) and paper part and an on computer programming part -- that's why the exams will be held in an ACCEL Lab.

Programming assignments

There will be two assignments. You must submit Assignment 1 before you take the first exam and Assignment 2 before you take the second exam.

The assignments will be posted by Tuesday January 25th 2011.

Assignments are graded out of 3. A 0 or a 1 means that a submission is unsatisfactory and you will need to resubmit. A 2 or 3 means that the work is satisfactory--no need to resubmit.

Note that your submitted code will be considered unsatisfactory if it is not properly annotated with comments. Always include concise comments in your code!