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You may complete and submit a project with one partner. You may have different partners for different projects. You and your partner may attend different sections.

Due Date
Grading Guide
1 9/6 R 11pm Description randTriangle.m - Grading guide Bin Xu, Michael Flashman
2 9/20 R 11pm Part A
Part B
clockFace.m, DrawRect.m, DrawDisk.m, DrawStar.m - Grading guide Bin Xu
3 10/1 11pm Description - - Grading guide Bin Xu
4 10/25 11pm Part A
Part B
name2index.m, stateRateMatrix.m, stainedGlass.m, myFill.m - Grading guide Bin Xu
5 11/1 11pm Description p5data.zip - Grading guide Bin Xu
6 11/29 R 11pm Part A
Part B
Part C
Vertex.m, Tile.m, StainedGlassImage.m, myfill.m - Grading guide Bin Xu
Baisic programming style

Project Submission

Submit your project files online in CMS. If you work with a partner, register your group on CMS before submitting any file. You and your partner will submit one project as a group.

Late submission is accepted up to 24 hours after the deadline. A penalty of 20% (2 points out of 10) will be applied.


Each programming project will receive two distinct grades for the following:

You can score 0-5 on correctness and 0-5 on style, so each project is graded out of 10 points. If you work with a partner, both you and your partner will receive the same score for that project.


If you feel that the graders have incorrectly graded an assignment, you must submit a regrade request within one week of the release of the graded project/exam:

  1. Go to ACCEL Green Room (formerly Engineering Library, 2nd floor) in Carpenter Hall during consulting hours.
  2. Fill out a regrade request form and clearly specify the grading error.
  3. Attach a paper copy of your assignment to the form.
  4. Submit the regrade request to a consultant in the reading room and wait while the consultant logs in your request. Do not simply leave your request on the consultant desk
Please note the CS1112 policies: You can retrieve the regraded material in Carpenter from the consultants one week after the regrade request deadline.