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in Olin 155

CS 1110: Introduction to Computing Using Python

Fall 2012

Final Exam

Study Guide

The table below gives the times of review sessions along with the person leading the review session and the topic. We will try to make the review session interactive. At least part of the time, you (the student) will write answers to problems and then the correct answers will be shown and discussed.

All review sessions are held in Hollister B-14. However, you should still check this website for changes on the morning of the review sessions.

Each review session covers a particular topic. It is up to you to decide which to attend. Of course, if there is time left and no more questions on the given topic, you can ask anything you want.

We will post the slides for the each review session by the day of the appropriate session. The slides will be linked to the topics in the table below.

Date Time Instructor Topic
Sun, Dec 2 2-3 pm Jeran Fox Call Frames and Object Diagrams
Sun, Dec 2 3-4 pm Jeran Fox Classes and subclasses
Sun, Dec 2 4-5 pm Natalie Kim Exceptions and Try-Except Statements
Mon, Dec 3 1-2 pm Amy Frankhouser Lists and Sequences
Mon, Dec 3 2-3 pm Caleb Perkins Recursion
Mon, Dec 3 3-4pm Walker White OPEN QUESTIONS
Tue, Dec 4 1-2 pm Caleb Perkins Loop Invariants
Tue, Dec 4 2-3 pm Walker White The Required Algorithms
Tue, Dec 4 3-4 pm Walker White OPEN QUESTIONS