CS 1110 Introduction to Computing using Java    Spring 2011  
9066 TR 09:05 Hollister B14 Instructors: David Gries  
9067 TR 11:15 Hollister B14 Grade: letter or S/U.   Credits: 4



Assignment A1. Elephants. Due on the CMS on 12 Feb, 11:59PM. pdf   pages (Apple's answer to Microsoft Word)
This assignment requires mastery. You submit and we grade, you resubmit and we regrade, ..., until it is right.

Assignment A2. Drawing objects. Due in class on 22 Feb. This 15-minute assignment is designed to make sure that you know how to draw objects. pdf

Assignment A3. More about Elephants. Due on the CMS on Wednesday night, 23 Februay . NO resubmitting after getting a grade and feedback. Builds on A1, using static components and boolean expressions. pdf   pages (Apple's answer to Microsoft Word)

Assignment A4. Color models. Due on the CMS on Sunday, 6 March. html  pdf  a4.jar    skeleton.zip

Assignment A5. It's Turtles all the way. Due on the CMS on 31 Marcr (but finish it earlier!!). html  pdf  A5.zip   Grisly Snowflakes diagram

Assignment A6. Images. Due on the CMS on 17 April.   pdf    pages (Apple's answer to Word)     a6.zip
eyechart.jpg   gries.jpg   sea-turtle-deformed.jpg   ImageArray.java   ImageGUI.java  ImagePanel.java   ImageProcessor.java

Assignment A7. Breakout. Due on the CMS on Friday, 06 May.     pdf     pages     skeleton.zip   breakout.jar
   If you want just the .java skeleton or just the bounce sound clip, here you go, but don't forget to put in the same directory the acm package we gave you from A5.     Breakout.java    bounce.au
Comments on the assignment: Comments.doc
Time taken for A7: min 4, median 10, mean 11.6, max 30
30 hours 1
24 hours 1
20 hours 7
18 hours 3
17 hours 3
16 hours 2
15 hours 8
14 hours 5
13 hours 2
12 hours 16
11 hours 1
10 hours 13
09 hours 8
08 hours 12
07 hours 10
06 hours 7
04 hours 1