CS 1110 Introduction to Computing using Java    Spring 2011  
9066 TR 09:05 Hollister B14 Instructors: David Gries  
9067 TR 11:15 Hollister B14 Grade: letter or S/U.   Credits: 4

Times and places



  • You are expected to attend lecture twice each week.
  • The 9:05 and 11:15 lectures are identical. You may attend either lecture.
  • Be aware that there may be a quiz, which counts toward your grade, on any lecture day.
Lecture Course no Day Time Room
001 9066 T & R 9:05AM-9:55AM Hollister B14
002 9067 T & R 11:15AM-12:05PM Hollister B14

Discussion Sections (Labs)

Discussion sections (Labs) are mandatory. If you miss more than two of them without a good excuse, preferably discussed with your section instructor ahead of time, your course grade may be reduced one level (e.g. B to B- or A- to B+).

Sections will be held in the ACCEL LAB in Carpenter Hall (enter through the Engineering Library). You will be given an assignment to do on a computer that will be checked off by the section instructor. The goal is to give you every opportunity to become fluent in the use of Java and to get you to learn important concepts within a week of their introduction.

Besides giving you practice on the computer, sections may also be used to:

  •  Clarify topics covered in lecture and concepts associated with exercises and projects.
  •  Cover topics only introduced, or even not covered, in lecture.
  •  Review for a test.
  •  Give you a chance to ask questions about an assignment.

The ACCEL lab in accessible through the Engineering Library in Carpenter. Enter on the ground floor, walk straight until you can go no further, then go up the stairs on your left.

Number in
course roster
When Where

(and consultants)

9073 T 12:20-01:10P ACCEL Lab

Jon Park, jsp249

9068 T 01:25-02:15P ACCEL Lab Nathan Lloyd, nsl6
9069 T 02:30-03:20P ACCEL Lab Deepak Bapat, dab352
9070 W 12:20-01:10P ACCEL Lab Konstantinos Mamouras, km528

W 01:25-02:15P

ACCEL Lab Thomas Ternquist, tat32
9072 W 02:30-03:20P ACCEL Lab Konstantinos Mamouras, km528

The times and places of the two prelims and the final, as well as review sessions for them, are given here.

Office Hours and Tutoring
See staff listing.