BOOM '02 Projects

last updated 2/27/02

MagnetOS network support, John Bicket   
Artificial Options Trading Market, Guilherme Hoefel  
Improved algorithms for advanced reasoning and search, Ryan Williams  
Next Generation Video Conferencing, Aron Rosenberg  
Typhonet, Erik Huestis, Ian Fung, Courtney Tompos, Dan Simone   
Interval Analysis, Optimization, and Ecology in Matlab, Justin Tung  
Development of a Short Course in C#, Howard Kwong, Radha Narayan 
Proteus, Rohan Murty 
CUHEV, Susan Mueller, Jonathan Schoenberg, Katherine Weber
3D Game Design Engine, Patrick Dowell, Alexander Krol, Chester Hsieh, Christopher Hynes, Dan Andreescu, Dylan Tong, Matthew Herndon, Melissa Whitcomb, Navin Kumar, Nikita Pavlov 
Intrusion Detection Via Stack Trace Analysis, Roger Neel    
A peer-to-peer messaging system based on Ad-hoc On-Demand Distance Vectoring, Hwan-Ting Lee, Samuel Munoz    
CliqueNet: An Anonymous, Peer-to-Peer Communication System, Mark Robson, Milo Polte    
Cougar, David Sun, Wai Fu Fung, Yong Yao    
Distributional Similarity for Natural Language Processing, Ramiro Rodriguez 
A peer to peer file transfer facility for mobile nodes, Bowei Du, Lior Privman   
Extending Sensor Network Life through Link Level aggregation, Bowei Du    
Recursive Neural Network Controller, Marcel Mueller, Ricky Yu, Ryan Pijai    
Trace File Compression Using Value Prediction Techniques, Metha Jeeradit    
SPAM: Sequential PAtterns Mining, Jay Ayers, Jason Flannick    
A Verifier for the Java Card Virtual Machine, Annie Wu    
PastryIM (Peer-to-Peer Instant Messaging System), Kapil Gupta  
Grex: An Efficient Large Knowledge Base, Greg Bronevetsky   
Adaptive Multimedia Transfer, Khiem Nguyen, Paul Hine    
Binary Manipulation Tools for the .Net System, David Shifrin   
Linux Continuous Profiling Infrastructure, Ka Fai Lau    
Econ 101 Online Auction Simulation, Akshay Murthy    
A peer-to-peer file sharing network with encryption schemes, Eric Choi, Mike Henderson    
Cornell RoboCup 2002, Joel Chestnutt, Tom Chi, Nirav Shah    
A Java Virtual Machine for Resource-Limited Sensors, Daniel Dantas    
ABC Metadata Model Constructor, David Lin   
Determining Length Dependency to Optimize Z-Score Thresholds for Protein Threading Alignments, Jason Gertz, Katherine Varley    
Query Processing with Berkeley Motes, Wai Fu Fung, Benjamin Szekely, David Wu    
Connect-4 AI and Learning a Neural Network Utility Function, Steven Baker    
An Extended Socket Layer for Multimedia Transfer, Niphon Watcharaphalakorn   
IPv6 now!, Gong Cheng, Tingyan Yuan  
Porting Performance through Adaptable Compilers, Kamen Yotov    
The Application of Co-Training, Active-Learning, and Committee Classification to Noun-Phrase Co-Reference, Steven Baker    
Cryptography tool kit on JAVA card, Charnchai Patthananuphap    
Cornell University Emergency Medical Services, Irene Chung, Barbara Dybwad, Rob Collins    
Sea Wars IV, Will Stokes, Benjamin Ragheb, Steve Kang    
A Proof-Theoretic Approach to Knowledge Acquisition, Omar Khan, Phil Zigoris    
The ND Meta-Reasoning Procedure, Andrew Shaffer    
MUSE: A context-sensitive mobile device for museums, Nick Farina, Elaine Auyeung, Mike Wunder    
Use of Body Scan Data to Design Sizing Systems Based on Target Markets, Adriana Petrova    
Leveraging Metadata for Natural Language Processing, Alexander Faaborg    
A Theorem Prover for Kleene Algebra with Tests, Abhishek Mistry, Aaron Kaufman    
Instant Messaging on an Ad Hoc network using Dynamic Source Routing, Siddharth Anand, Vivek Uppal    
Sound Thinking, Pete Ippel    
An Empirical Analysis of the 3-SAT Solution Space, Jordan Erenrich    
Testing LOOPP, Kristin Snopkowski    
FIRST Robotics, Andrei Garcia, Patrick Dingle, Lara Chausow, Vicki Niebrzydowski    
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