Kilian Q. Weinberger

Machine Learning in Biomedicine

Since my arrival at Washington University I have started collaborating with several amazing research groups at the Washington University School of Medicine. As medical research is entering the digital age, machine learning can do amazing things for health-care as we know it.

Relevant publications:

[PDF] Dennis G Thomas, Satish Chikkagoudar, Alejandro Heredia-Langner, Mark F Tardiff, Zhixiang Xu, Dennis E Hourcade, Christine T N Pham, Gregory M Lanza, Kilian Q Weinberger and Nathan A Baker, Physicochemical signatures of nanoparticle-dependent complement activation. Computational Science Discovery 7 015003 doi:10.1088/1749-4699/7/1/015003, 2014.

[PDF][BIBTEX] Yuzong Liu, Mohit Sharma, Charles M. Gaona, Jonathan D. Breshears, Jarod Roland, Zachary V. Freudenburg, Kilian Q. Weinberger, and Eric C. Leuthardt. Decoding Ipsilateral Finger Movements from ECoG Signals in Humans. In J. Lafferty, C. K. I. Williams, J. Shawe-Taylor, R.S. Zemel, and A. Culotta (eds.), Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 23 (NIPS), pages 1468-1476, 2010. [Attention! Results in Figure 3 could not be reproduced and should be considered invalid. We apologize for this mishap. All other results are not affected. ]