Kilian Q. Weinberger

I am looking for good PhD students most of the time. The most important prerequisite to be successful in machine learning is a strong mathematical background. If you are interested, please do not apply to me directly, as all applications are centralized through the department. However, you can shoot me an email and let me know that you submitted your application (so that I can make sure I won’t miss it.) Please indicate on the application that you are interested in working on machine learning. All students who are accepted will obtain a fully funded fellowship that covers tuition, 12 months salary and health insurance. (Please don't send me any emails with questions about the application process, as I am not involved in it.) Concrete information on how to apply is here.

Current Lab Members:
Yan Wang
Ruihan Wu
Yurong You
Boyi Li
Varsha Kishore
Xiangyu Chen
Katie Luo

Former Lab Members:
Geoff Pleiss
Chuan Guo
Felix Wu
Yuqian Zhang
Amauri Holande
Wei-Lun (Harry) Chao
Chris Fifty
Ransen Niu
Yixuan (Sharon) Li
Gao Huang
Yanyi Liu
Luyu Yang
Lili Meng
Danlu Chen
Shichen Liu
Tianhong Li
Jake Gardner
Quan Zhou
Yu Sun
Nicholas Kolkin
Gabriel Hope
Daniel Sedra
Wenling Wang
Shuang Li
Zhuang Liu
Eddie Xu
Stephen Tyree
Dor Kedem
Wenlin Chen
Matthew Kusner
Yuzong Liu
Ananth Mohan
Minmin Chen