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TPLS is the Theory B seminar and reading group at Cornell. Every week, we read and discuss a paper that has something to do with programming language theory, logic, or semantics of systems. This page contains scheduling information, including links to the papers we will be reading.

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Date Title Author(s) Discussion Leader(s)
September 30, 2016 Organizational Meeting - -
October 7, 2016 LASP: A language for Distributed, Coordination-Free Programming C. Meiklejohn, P. Van Roy Matthew Milano
October 14, 2016 A calculus for overloaded functions with subtyping G. Castagna, G. Ghelli, G. Longo Fabian Muehlboeck
October 21, 2016 Combining effects and coeffects via grading M. Gaboardi, S. Katsumata, D. Orchard, F. Breuvart, T. Uustalu Andrew K. Hirsch
October 28, 2016 Parametricity in an Impredicative Sort C. Keller, M. Lasson Abhishek Anand
November 4, 2016 A gentle introduction to map theory Klaus Grue Scott Messick
November 11, 2016 Cache and I/O Efficient Functional Algorithms Guy E. Blelloch and Robert Harper Xiang Long
November 18, 2016 Constructive Galois connections David Darais and David Van Horn Andrew K. Hirsch
November 25, 2016 Thanksgiving Break
December 2, 2016 An operational approach to combining classical set theory and functional programming languages Douglas J. Howe, Scott D. Stoller Scott Messick