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TPLS is the Theory B seminar and reading group at Cornell. Every week, we read and discuss a paper that has something to do with programming language theory, logic, or semantics of systems. This page contains scheduling information, including links to the papers we will be reading.

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Date Title Author(s) Discussion Leader(s)
September 10, 2018 Interface Automata Luca de Alfaro and Thomas A. Henzinger Rolph
September 17, 2018 Build Systems a la Carte Andrey Mokhov, Neil Mitchell, Simon Peyton Jones Andrew
September 24, 2018 P: Safe Asynchronous Event-Driven Programming Ankush Desai, et. al Matthew
October 1, 2018 An analysis of Girard's paradox Thierry Coquand Scott
October 8, 2018 No meeting (fall break)
October 15, 2018 Cancelled
October 22, 2018 Elaborating dependent (co)pattern matching Jesper Cockx, Andreas Abel Andrew
October 29, 2018 No meeting (special PLDG)
November 05, 2018 A lambda-calculus foundation for universal probabilistic programming Johannes Borgström, Ugo Dal Lago, Andrew D. Gordon, and Marcin Szymcza Michael
November 12, 2018 On deterministic finite automata and syntactic monoid size Markus Holzer and Barbara Köni Xiang
November 19, 2018 Modal Proofs as Distributed Programs Limin Jia and David Walker Rolph
November 26, 2018 No meeting
December 3, 2018 CALF: Categorical Automata Learning Framework Gerco van Heerdt, Matteo Sammartino, and Alexandra Silva Andrew