News and Announcements

New Release

We released a new version of the kernel in conjunction with the upcoming talk and paper at SOSP.

New Release

Today, we released binary version 2011-1, both as a VMWare virtual machine and a .iso livecd. The guide has been updated to match the new version.

New Prerelease

We are in the process of putting a polished new demo online. This image is the first prerelease. It contains a working Lighttpd webserver and Python interpreter. The vmware image embeds all sourcecode and makes that browsable through a webserver that loads on boot. We will continue to iron out some kinks and publish increasingly feature complete versions over the next two months.

Buildfix Release (minor)

The first release failed to build on Ubuntu 9.10 and other distributions that have gcc 4.4 or libc 2.10. Today's release resolves these compilation issues. It is not a functional update, so the LiveCD has not changed considerably. Get it from the download page.

Git repository public

We opened up the git repository a few days ago. Technical details can be found on the download page. The commit log is updated daily.

OSNews item

The announcement of our first release was picked up by osnews. The comments to that article ask valid questions about the novelty of TPM-enabled operating systems and its purpose besides DRM. Nexus is not intended to be another implementation of the TCG stack. Mature software already exists. Nexus uses the TPM as a strong source of assurance internally, but captures trust relationships at the application level in a flexible interface based on authorization logic. We intend to show applications other than DRM (trust is everywhere, after all, from software integrity to email privacy). As this is the first release, a lot of work remains to be done.

Freshmeat project

Nexus now has a project page at freshmeat. We will announce all our releases there. To be kept up to date automatically, click on the 'subscribe' button on the right-hand side of the freshmeat project page.

LiveCD release

Today marks the release of our first Nexus cd image. Download it from the download page and read the user guide for more information. We will also open up the sourcecode shortly!