Nexus can be downloaded in one of four forms

Source tarball
Git checkout


Download a binary Nexus distribution to play around with the Operating System. Read the user guide for tips on getting started. Note that the guide corresponds to version 2009-12-11; newer versions work slightly different.

Release Date Summary Size Link
2011-01-08 Release 2011-1 638 MB nexus-2011-1.vmdk nexus-2011-1.vmx sha1
78 MB nexus-2011-1.iso sha1
2010-10-06 Prelease 595 MB nexus-20101006.vmdk nexus-20101006.vmx sha1
2009-12-18 Minor build fixes 42 MB nexus-20091218.iso md5
2009-12-11 First public release 39 MB nexus-20091211.iso md5

Virtual machine support


To test the demo, download the free VMWare player. Images have been tested with versions 3.0 up to 3.2. Place both .vmdk and .vmx file in the same directory. Start VMware and select 'open a virtual machine' from the file menu. The image will achquire a DCHP license and start a webserver that points to the embedded copy of the project sourcecode.

Nexus has been tested in both VMWare and Qemu. You can generate a distribution for either from source by selecting the appropriate option using make menuconfig.

Older versions

To run Nexus 2009-12-XX in VMWare use the nexus-e1000.vmx configuration file. You have to update the location of the iso image using a text editor. Use VMWare Player 2.x with these versions if a newer player gives a black screen.

Source package

Release Date Summary Size Link
2009-12-18 Minor build fixes 33 MB nexus-20091218.tgz md5
2009-12-11 First public release 33 MB nexus-20091211.tgz md5

Git Sourcecode Repository

The full project sources can also be downloaded using Git from

	git clone git://

The commit log is updated daily.