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Carla Gomes

Carla P. Gomes

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Professor and Director
Institute for Computational Sustainability

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Impacts of Dams (Multicriteria Optimization)
The Santo Antônio hydropower dam, recently built in the Brazilian Amazon

Courtesy of Rafael Almeida

The Andean Amazon is in the midst of a hydropower boom. More than 150 new dams are proposed across several countries, with more already under construction. Environmental impacts are assessed for individual dams—but what is the combined cost of the hydropower explosion for biodiversity, fisheries, navigation, and other benefits provided by intact rivers? This multidisciplinary team will develop a framework for evaluating cumulative impacts in areas of rapid hydropower growth. The new models will guide design of more sustainable dam networks that meet hydropower targets while preserving key ecosystem services.

Pareto Frontier Tree Structured Networks

This is a C++ source code package implementing a dynamic programming algorithm for computing the Pareto frontier (for two criteria) on tree structured networks. A dataset for hydroelectric dams, using the energy and GHG emissions criteria, are provided.


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