CS5740 SP19

Time: TuThu, 10:55am-12:10pm
Room: Bloomberg 161
Class listing: CS5740

Instructor: Yoav Artzi
Office hours: Tuesday, 4:15pm-5:15pm
Location: Bloomberg 371

Teaching assistants: Xinya Du and Valts Blukis
Graders: Emily Tseng, Kelly Wang, and Iris Zhang
TA Office hours: Friday, 11:00am-12:00pm
Location: Bloomberg 360

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Policies are subject to change. If something is not clear, please contact the course staff.

Grading: 12.5pt each assignment, 25pt take-home final exam, 20pt class review quizzes, 5pt participation and engagement (including both Piazza and class). There will be five assignments throughout the semester. The assignment with the lowest grade will not be considered. The final exam is not considered as an assignment. Points (pt) are not percentages of grade. Grades are computed on a curve based on ranking. The curve is take from previous years.

Quizzes: The first five minutes of every class will be dedicated to a quiz. Only the top 20 quizzes count towards grade. The material in each quiz is limited to the slides of the previous lecture. Physical attendance in class is required to complete a quiz. Quiz taking is subject to the same standards as exams: no copying, no talking, and no browsing the web. Quizzes may be taken on laptops or mobile devices.

Assignments: Assignment grading is based heavily on the written report. Assignments will not be graded without both code and report submission. All assignments must be completed in pairs only. Allowed third-party code/frameworks/tools is specified in each assignment. Please ask for anything beyond what is specified. If it is not specified, it is not allowed. The final exam must also be completed in pairs, and usage of third-party tools is allowed only as specified. All assignments and the final exam should be implemented in Python. Jupyter notebooks are not accepted as code submissions (see rant).

Late policy: Late submissions are not allowed. The assignment with the lowest grade will not be counted towards your grade. Late submission of the final exam is not allowed.

Laptop and electronic device policy: Except for quiz taking, no electronic devices are allowed in class.

Prerequisites: Strong programming experience (CS 2110 or equivalent) and CS 4780, CS 4786, or CS 5785 with a grade of B or above.

Auditing: Email the instructor after the first class.

Accessibility: Your access in this course is important. Please give the instructor, the TA, or the Course Coordinator your Student Disability Services (SDS) accommodation letter early in the semester so that we have adequate time to arrange your approved academic accommodations. If you need an immediate accommodation for equal access, please speak with the instructor after class or send an email message to the instructor and/or SDS at sds_cu@cornell.edu. If the need arises for additional accommodations during the semester, please contact SDS. You may also feel free to speak with Student Services at Cornell Tech who will connect you with the university SDS office.

Academic integrity: Each student in this course is expected to abide by the Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity. Any work submitted by a student in this course for academic credit will be the student’s own work. For this course, collaboration is allowed in the following instances: working on assignments as detailed above. You are encouraged to study together and to discuss information and concepts covered in lecture and the sections with other students. You can give “consulting” help to or receive “consulting” help from such students. However, this permissible cooperation should never involve one student having possession of a copy of all or part of work done by someone else, in the form of an e-mail, an e-mail attachment file, a diskette, or a hard copy. Should copying occur, both the student who copied work from another student and the student who gave material to be copied will both automatically receive a zero for the assignment. Penalty for violation of this Code can also be extended to include failure of the course and University disciplinary action. During examinations, you must do your own work. Talking or discussion is not permitted during the examinations, nor may you compare papers, copy from others, or collaborate in any way. Any collaborative behavior during the examinations will result in failure of the exam, and may lead to failure of the course and University disciplinary action.