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Xinya Du

CS Ph.D. student in Computer Science, Cornell University. Office: Gates 441.


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I am Xinya Du (pronounced as shinn-ya do, 杜辛亚), a CS Ph.D. student at Cornell University, working with Prof. Claire Cardie.

I enjoy exploring/building things that are novel and impactful (in research and in life). I am working on natural language processing and machine learning, with a current focus on question generation and question answering, and also with a keen interest in conversational intelligence and applications in the educational domain.

I graduated with a bachelor degree in Computer Science from Shanghai Jiao Tong University.


  • Jul. 2018 To attend ACL and giving an oral presentation, come and say Hi.
  • Spending summer 2018 at MSR Redmond.


Harvesting Paragraph-Level Question-Answer Pairs from Wikipedia
Xinya Du and Claire Cardie
To appear in ACL 2018
[bib] [paper] [data & code (to come)] [slides]

Identifying Where to Focus in Reading Comprehension for Neural Question Generation
Xinya Du and Claire Cardie
In EMNLP 2017 (short)
[bib] [paper] [presentation]

Learning to Ask: Neural Question Generation for Reading Comprehension
Xinya Du, Junru Shao and Claire Cardie
In ACL 2017
[bib] [arXiv] [presentation] [data & code]
Featured in New Scientist Tech Republic