CS 4110


August 24Course Overviewslides
August 26Introduction to Semanticsslides notes
August 29Inductive Definitions and Proofsslides notes
August 31Inductive Proof and Large-Step Semanticsslides notes A1 out
September 2The IMP Languageslides notes
September 5No class (Labor Day)
September 7IMP Propertiesslides notes scribbles A1 due; A2 out
September 9Denotational Semanticsslides notes
September 12Denotational Semantics Examplesslides notes slides+ scribbles
September 14Axiomatic Semanticsslides notes A2 due; A3 out
September 16Hoare Logicslides notes scribbles
September 19Hoare Logic Examplesslides notes scribbles
September 21Weakest Preconditionsslides notes A3 due; A4 out
September 23Lambda Calculusnotes scribbles
September 26More Lambda Calculus and Substitutionslides notes
September 28Lambda Calculus Encodingsslides notes slides+ A4 due
September 30Programming in the Lambda Calculusslides notes
October 3Definitional Translation and Continuationsslides notes
October 5Preliminary Exam I
October 7Exam Debrief
October 10No class (Fall Break)
October 12Simple Typesnotes scribbles A5 out
October 14Proving Type Soundnessslides notes scribbles
October 17Normalizationslides notes slides+ scribbles
October 19Advanced Typesslides notes A5 due; A6 out
October 21Polymorphismslides notes
October 24Guest lecture: Yaron Minsky, Jane Street. "GADTs for Speed Demons"
October 26Type Inferenceslides notes slides+ A6 due; A7 out
October 28Compiling with Continuationsslides notes slides+
October 31Records and Subtypingslides notes slides+
November 2Existential Typesslides notes A7 due; A8 out
November 4Recursive Typesslides notes
November 7Propositions as Typesslides notes
November 9Featherweight Javaslides notes slides+ A8 due
November 11Featherweight Java Propertiesslides notes slides+ scribbles
November 14Concurrency and Parallelismslides code
November 16Preliminary Exam II
November 18Exam Debrief
November 21Shared-Memory Parallelismslides code
November 23No class (Thanksgiving)
November 25No class (Thanksgiving)
November 28Probabilistic Programmingslides notes code A9 out
November 30Approximate Computingslides paper
December 2Victory Lapslides A9 due