Security and Privacy Technologies - CS 6431

This survey course covers a range of essential research topics in security and privacy. Topics include memory and control-flow integrity, user authentication, side channels, anonymity systems, cloud security, machine learning security, privacy, applied (“real-world”) cryptography, cryptocurrency, and censorship.


Aug 23. Course overview.
Aug 25. Passwords. Aug 30. Web security: same origin policy and cross-site request forgery. Sep 1. Padding oracles. Sep 6. Security protocols. Sep 8. Authentication tokens. Sep 13. Cloud security. Sep 15. Side channels. Sep 20. Biometrics and "fuzzy" cryptography. Sep 22. Web security: SQL injection. Sep 29. Web security: cross-site scripting. Oct 4. Memory attacks and return-oriented programming. Oct 6. Control-flow integrity. Oct 11. No class (Fall Break).


Oct 13. Web tracking and fingerprinting. Oct 18. Cloud security: remote property testing. Oct 20. Encrypted databases. Oct 27. Internet censorship. Oct 27. Cryptocurrencies. Nov 1. SSL/TLS. Nov 3. Attacks on machine learning. Nov 8. Anonymity networks. Nov 10. Honey objects. Nov 15. Internet-wide measurement. Nov 17. Backdoors. Nov 22. Online games. Dec 1. NLP meets side channels. Dec 2. Smart contracts.


Lecture notes



Fall 2016
Tue Thu 11:40a - 12:55p
Gates 416 (Ithaca)
Touchdown (NYC)
Ari Juels

Tom Ristenpart

Vitaly Shmatikov