Security and Privacy Technologies - CS 6431

Project proposals are due September 22. A proposal should be 2-3 pages long and include the following:

  • Names of team members (at most 2 students per team).
  • Description of the system or network protocol that you are planning to analyze or implement, or the tool that you will be building or extending.
  • Security properties you intend to investigate.
  • Tools and/or analysis techniques you are planning to use.
  • Clear description of project deliverables. Possible deliverables are a software prototype, a substantial case study, or, in the case of a purely theoretical project, proofs (manual or machine-assisted).

Here are some project ideas. These are only suggestions, you are encouraged to propose your own project topic.

  • Security and privacy of genetic data
  • Censorship resistance and steganography
  • Analysis of encrypted video traffic
  • Security and privacy of consumer devices
  • Security and privacy of cloud infrastructure
    • Design a scheme that uses cloud service provider billing records to help detect compromise of a tenant’s VMs
    • Design a system to protect against “blind subpoenas”
    • Investigate side channels in co-located VMs
  • Information leakage in searchable encryption
  • Crypto-currencies
    • How would you design a altcoin specifically to attack other altcoins? How would you design an altcoin that can defend itself against such attacks?
  • Privacy-preserving augmented reality, computer vision, image recognition
  • Security of mobile APIs
  • Program analysis for finding security bugs in multi-protocol network stacks

Lecture notes



Fall 2016
Tue Thu 11:40a - 12:55p
Gates 416 (Ithaca)
Touchdown (NYC)
Ari Juels

Tom Ristenpart

Vitaly Shmatikov