Saksham Agarwal

Saksham Agarwal 

I'm a first year PhD student in Computer Science department at Cornell University. I'm a technophile, music lover, gourmet and a convivial person. You'll (almost) always find me reading about or working over some new cool technology along with a cup of coffee and indie rock. Anything which I haven't tried before fascinates me.

I'm advised by Rachit Agarwal and currently, my research focusses on a datacenter transport design to optimize for the Coflow networking abstraction.

Prior to coming to Cornell, I was an undergrad at IIT Kanpur. Thanks to my curriculum and amazing research opportunities at IITK, I managed to delve deep into the area of Wireless Communications and work on various problems pertaining to Large MIMO systems at Mobile Communications Lab here at IITK. I also spent my summers 2016 doing research at Autonomous Networks Research Group on application of Reinforcement Learning to Wireless Sensor Networks. Being a robotics enthusiast, I was also involved extensively in research projects in Computer Vision and Control System design.

Details of all my work can be found on the links at left.

Please feel free to contact me for any anything you feel might be interesting to share.