Ryan S. Peterson
Ph.D. Candidate

4154 Upson Hall
Department of Computer Science
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853

I'm a Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at Cornell University, where I've been studying systems since Fall 2005. My research focuses on peer-assisted content distribution, which couples upload bandwidth at peers with a logically centralized coordinator that steers peers toward an efficient allocation of resources. The Antfarm project provides a solution to the multi-swarm problem to find the optimal allocation of bandwidth among competing swarms when there is a centrally managed seeder. Previous work includes Corona, a system that optimally monitors web micronews and disseminates updates via instant messages. Before coming to Cornell, I earned a B.S.E. degree in Computer Science from Princeton University.

I am currently being supported by the 2009 Google Fellowship in Distributed Systems.



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