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Hello and Welcome

Hi! I'm Karthik, a final-year PhD candidate in the Computer Science Department at Cornell. I am advised by Prof. Thorsten Joachims. Before joining Cornell I did my B.Tech at IIT-Bombay in the Computer Science Department from 2006 to 2010, where I worked with Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya. I am grateful to be supported by a Google PhD Fellowship. You can find a complete list of my publications here.

At SIGIR, 2010

Office:     349 Gates Hall
                Cornell University
                Ithaca, NY, 14853-7501
                Phone:   (607)-254-8559

Contact At:     (my-first-name)[at]cs[dot]cornell[dot]edu
Office Hours:     Tue, Thu (5:30pm-6:30pm)


Latest News

  • Journal paper on Understanding Intrinsic Diversity in Web Search published in ACM TOIS Journal (Oct 2014 issue).
  • Paper on machine learning methods for ordinal peer-grading at scale at KDD 2014. Datasets and Code available.
  • Launched web service for peer-grading at scale using machine learning techniques. Details of our method can be found in our Paper. Our toolkit can also be downloaded as a software.
  • Won the Best Student Paper Award at SIGIR 2013 for work on Intrinsic Diversity in Web Search. Paper and Slides are online. A recording of a longer version of the talk (by Paul) is also online.
  • Paper on online learning of socially optimal information systems at ECML 2013. Slides and Poster are online.
  • Awarded Google PhD Fellowship.
  • Paper on improving inference in big data pipelines at KDD 2013. Slides and Poster are online.
  • Paper on stable coactive learning at ICML 2013. Slides and Poster are online.


Research Interests

  • Machine Learning, Structured Prediction, Online Learning
  • Web Search, Information Retrieval, Learning to Rank, Rank Aggregation, Recommender Systems
  • Peer Grading, Big Data in Education, Machine Learning for MOOCs
  • Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Data Pipelines
  • Natural Langauge Processing, Summarization, Text Classification

  • I am also interested in Information Networks, Game Theory and Data Mining



  • PeerGrading-Toolkit: Python-based toolkit for the peer-grading problem. We also have a web-service.
  • SVM-Dyn: Python-based Structural SVM-based approach used to predict two-level dyanmic rankings.
  • HotelRev-Scrape: Python module for scraping hotel reviews from popular travel websites.
  • RateProf-Scrape: Python module for scraping review information from ratemyprofessor.com.


Selected Publications

You can find a complete list of my publications along with additional resources including presentations, posters, bibtex and talk videos here.


You can also find me on Google Scholar, DBLP, ArnetMiner, ResearchGate and ACM.


Professional and Teaching Experience

  • TA: CS4780/5780 (Machine Learning) Fall 2011, Fall 2013
  • Lectures: CS4780/5780 (Machine Learning) on 9/11/12
  • PC Member: ECML 2014, SIGIR 2014, WWW 2014; IKDD2014; ECML 2013, 2014; CIKM 2013; CaRR 2013
  • Reviewer: ICML 2013, 2014; CIKM 2012; SIGIR 2012; AAAI 2012; IJCNLP 2011
  • Journal Reviewing: JMLR, Machine Learning
  • Talks: LANL 2014, Cornell (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014), Bing 2012, KDD 2012, WSDM 2012, CIKM 2011, SIGIR 2010


Work Experience

  • Research Intern at MSR, Redmond: May-August 2012
  • Research Intern at MSR, Redmond: May-August 2011
  • Research Intern at MSR,Bangalore: May-July 2009
  • B.Tech at IIT Bombay (2006-2010)




Last Edited: Apr 21th, 2014