FEAP is an academic Finite Element Analysis Program developed by Bob Taylor in the civil engineering department at UC Berkeley, and currently maintained by Bob Taylor and Sanjay Govindjee. I used it as a graduate student, and contributed several modules, including the memory management system and some of the graphics interface. I also developed a MATLAB interface (FEAPMEX) that became rather popular – as a Google search today will verify! – but was hard to maintain. I subsequently developed an alternate interface, MATFEAP, which more cleanly separated FEAP from MATLAB and was easier to maintain (Charlie Chen, an M.Eng. student working with me, wrote a Python interface to FEAP using the same protocol).

Starting in Fall 2016, I am advertising a project to build a Jupyter notebook interface to the personal version of FEAP (FEAPpv) to make it easy to use FEAP as an instructional tool by launching cloud instances. If you are interested reading this, let me know!




MATLAB interfaces to the FEAP finite element code

FEAP I/O patches

Better input handling in the FEAP finite element code