Class Stmt_c

  extended by polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Node_c
      extended by polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Term_c
          extended by polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Stmt_c
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, JL, Node, NodeOps, Stmt, Term, Copy
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractBlock_c, Assert_c, Branch_c, Case_c, Catch_c, ConstructorCall_c, Empty_c, Eval_c, Free_c, If_c, Labeled_c, LocalClassDecl_c, LocalDecl_c, Loop_c, Return_c, Switch_c, Synchronized_c, Throw_c, Try_c

public abstract class Stmt_c
extends Term_c
implements Stmt

A Stmt represents any Java statement. All statements must be subtypes of Stmt.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Term_c
exceptions, reachable
Fields inherited from class polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Node_c
del, ext, position
Constructor Summary
Stmt_c(Position pos)
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Term_c
acceptCFG, entry, exceptionCheck, exceptions, exceptions, listEntry, reachable, reachable
Methods inherited from class polyglot.ext.jl.ast.Node_c
addDecls, addMembers, addMembersEnter, addMembersOverride, buildTypes, buildTypesEnter, buildTypesOverride, childExpectedType, copy, del, del, disambiguate, disambiguateEnter, disambiguateOverride, dump, enterScope, enterScope, exceptionCheckEnter, exceptionCheckOverride, ext, ext, ext, ext, init, node, position, position, prettyPrint, print, printBlock, printSubStmt, throwTypes, toString, translate, typeCheck, typeCheckEnter, typeCheckOverride, visit, visitChild, visitChildren, visitEdge, visitList
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface polyglot.ast.Term
acceptCFG, entry, exceptions, exceptions, reachable, reachable
Methods inherited from interface polyglot.ast.Node
childExpectedType, del, del, dump, ext, ext, ext, ext, position, position, visit, visitChild, visitEdge, visitList
Methods inherited from interface polyglot.ast.JL
init, node
Methods inherited from interface polyglot.ast.NodeOps
addDecls, addMembers, addMembersEnter, buildTypes, buildTypesEnter, disambiguate, disambiguateEnter, enterScope, enterScope, exceptionCheck, exceptionCheckEnter, prettyPrint, throwTypes, translate, typeCheck, typeCheckEnter, visitChildren
Methods inherited from interface polyglot.util.Copy

Constructor Detail


public Stmt_c(Position pos)