Interface JL

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, Copy, NodeOps
All Known Subinterfaces:
AmbAssign, AmbExpr, Ambiguous, AmbKeySetNode, AmbPrefix, AmbQualifierNode, AmbReceiver, AmbTypeNode, ArrayAccess, ArrayAccessAssign, ArrayInit, ArrayTypeNode, Assert, Assign, Binary, Block, BooleanLit, Branch, Call, CanonicalKeySetNode, CanonicalTypeNode, Case, Cast, Catch, CharLit, ClassBody, ClassDecl, ClassLit, ClassMember, CodeDecl, CofferClassDecl, CofferConstructorDecl, CofferMethodDecl, CompoundStmt, Conditional, ConstructorCall, ConstructorDecl, Do, Empty, Eval, Expr, Field, FieldAssign, FieldDecl, FloatLit, For, ForInit, Formal, ForUpdate, Free, If, Import, Initializer, Instanceof, IntLit, KeyNode, KeySetNode, Labeled, Lit, Local, LocalAssign, LocalClassDecl, LocalDecl, Loop, MethodDecl, New, NewArray, Node, NullLit, NumLit, PackageNode, Prefix, ProcedureCall, ProcedureDecl, QualifierNode, Receiver, Return, SourceCollection, SourceFile, Special, Stmt, StringLit, Switch, SwitchBlock, SwitchElement, Synchronized, Term, Throw, ThrowConstraintNode, TopLevelDecl, TrackedTypeNode, Try, TypeNode, Unary, VarDecl, Variable, While
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractBlock_c, AmbAssign_c, AmbExpr_c, AmbKeySetNode_c, AmbPrefix_c, AmbQualifierNode_c, AmbReceiver_c, AmbTypeNode_c, ArrayAccess_c, ArrayAccessAssign_c, ArrayInit_c, ArrayTypeNode_c, Assert_c, Assign_c, AssignDel_c, Binary_c, Block_c, BooleanLit_c, Branch_c, Call_c, CanonicalKeySetNode_c, CanonicalTypeNode_c, Case_c, Cast_c, Catch_c, CharLit_c, ClassBody_c, ClassDecl_c, ClassLit_c, CofferClassDecl_c, CofferConstructorDecl_c, CofferMethodDecl_c, Conditional_c, ConstructorCall_c, ConstructorDecl_c, Do_c, Empty_c, Eval_c, Expr_c, Field_c, FieldAssign_c, FieldDecl_c, FloatLit_c, For_c, Formal_c, Free_c, If_c, Import_c, Initializer_c, Instanceof_c, IntLit_c, JL_c, KeyNode_c, Labeled_c, Lit_c, Local_c, LocalAssign_c, LocalClassDecl_c, LocalDecl_c, Loop_c, MethodDecl_c, New_c, NewArray_c, Node_c, NullLit_c, NumLit_c, PackageNode_c, PaoInstanceofDel_c, Return_c, SourceCollection_c, SourceFile_c, Special_c, Stmt_c, StringLit_c, Switch_c, SwitchBlock_c, Synchronized_c, Term_c, Throw_c, ThrowConstraintNode_c, TrackedTypeNode_c, Try_c, TypeNode_c, Unary_c, While_c

public interface JL
extends NodeOps, Copy

JL contains all methods implemented by an AST node. AST nodes and delegates for AST nodes must implement this interface.

Method Summary
 void init(Node node)
          Initialize the back pointer to the node.
 Node node()
          Pointer back to the node we are delegating for, possibly this.
Methods inherited from interface polyglot.ast.NodeOps
addDecls, addMembers, addMembersEnter, buildTypes, buildTypesEnter, disambiguate, disambiguateEnter, enterScope, enterScope, exceptionCheck, exceptionCheckEnter, prettyPrint, throwTypes, translate, typeCheck, typeCheckEnter, visitChildren
Methods inherited from interface polyglot.util.Copy

Method Detail


Node node()
Pointer back to the node we are delegating for, possibly this.


void init(Node node)
Initialize the back pointer to the node.