drawing of Tsai Chin in Lucky Grandma by an artist who wishes to remain anonymous

Lillian Lee

Charles Roy Davis Professor (having previously assisted and associated)
Department of Computer Science and Department of Information Science
A.B. Cornell 1993, math and computer science; Ph.D. Harvard 1997, computer science.

The crudest curriculum vitae crows and flaps its wings in a style peculiar to the undersigner. I doubt whether you can even give your telephone number without giving something of yourself.
–Nabokov, Nikolai Gogol

Research, professional activities, and recognition

Interested in doing research with me or other NLP faculty?

My policies regarding requests for letters of evaluation for tenure/promotion
(undergrads/masters/PhD students: to be clear, this section does not apply to you!)

Contact and availability info

Office hours: It's summer!

Actual coordinates: 419 Gates Hall; email address: see the Engineering faculty directory page; phone: 607-255-8119; fax: 607-255-9143
Mailing address is Cornell University, Department of Computer Science, 419 Gates Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853
Street address is 107 Hoy Road
Administrative assistant: Lacy Jordaens, see the CUCS staff page for contact info.


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