Course Description

An introductory course in machine learning, with a focus on data modeling and related methods and learning algorithms for data sciences. Tentative topic list:

Can be taken independently or in any order with CS4780/5780 (Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems).

Prerequisites: probability theory (BTRY 3080, ECON 3130, MATH 4710, or strong performance in ENGRD 2700 or equivalent); linear algebra (MATH 2940 or equivalent); CS2110 or equivalent programming proficiency.

News (see also announcements on lecture handouts)

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience

This is a new course, covering topics for which there is no pre-existing canonical material (and hence no required textbook). Hence, we must concentrate our efforts this semester on developing the course content. We are really excited to do this work! But it does mean that some of the administrative stuff will have some rough edges. We can only ask for your patience, and promise that we will do the best we can. We are looking forward to having you with us on this adventure!