Cornell Systems Lunch

CS 7490 Spring 2009
Friday 12PM, Upson 315

Robbert van Renesse and Andrew Myers

Sponsored by Microsoft

The Systems Lunch is a seminar for discussing recent, interesting papers in the systems area, broadly defined to span operating systems, distributed systems, networking, architecture, databases, and programming languages. The goal is to foster technical discussions among the Cornell systems research community. We meet once a week on Fridays at noon in Upson 315.

The systems lunch is open to all Cornell Ph.D. students interested in systems. First-year graduate students are especially welcome. Non-Ph.D. students have to obtain permission from the instructor. Student participants are expected to sign up for CS 7490, Systems Research Seminar, for one credit.

To join the systems lunch mailing list please send an empty message to with the subject line "join". More detailed instructions can be found here.

Links to papers and abstracts below are unlikely to work outside the Cornell CS firewall. If you have trouble viewing them, this is the likely cause.

Date Paper Presenter
January 23 Difference Engine: Harnessing Memory Redundancy in Virtual Machines
Diwaker Gupta (UCSD) Sangmin Lee (UT Austin) Michael Vrable (UCSD) Stefan Savage (UCSD) Alex C. Snoeren (UCSD) Amin Vahdat (UCSD) George Varghese (UCSD) Geoffrey M. Voelker (UCSD)
OSDI 2008
Dan Williams
January 30 Optimizing Scrip Systems: Efficiency, Crashes, Hoarders, and Learning
Ian Kash, Joe Halpern
Joint AI/System Seminar in 655 Rhodes
Ian Kash
February 6 Streamline: optimized pipelines for fast, scalable I/O
Willem de Bruijn, Vrije University, Amsterdam
Willem de Bruijn
February 13 The Effectiveness of Whitelisting: a User-Study
David Erickson, Martin Casado, and Nick McKeown
CEAS 2008
Michael Siegenthaler
February 20 Symbol-level Network Coding for Wireless Mesh Networks
Sachin Katti, Dina Katabi, Hari Balakrishnan and Muriel Medard
Qi Huang
February 27 SMesh: a Practical Multi-homed Wireless Mesh Network with Fast Handoff
Yair Amir, John Hopkins University
Yair Amir
March 6 Understanding and Designing New Server Architectures for Emerging Warehouse-Computing Environments
Kevin Lim, Parthasarathy Ranganathan, Jichuan Chang, Chandrakant Patel, Trevor Mudge, and Steven Reinhardt
ISCA 2008
Hussam Abu-Libdeh
March 13 Pretty-Bad-Proxy: An Overlooked Adversary in Browsers’ HTTPS Deployments
Shuo Chen (Microsoft Research), Ziqing Mao (Purdue), Yi-Min Wang (Microsoft Research), Ming Zhang (Microsoft Research)
Oakland Security 2009
Robert Burgess
March 20 Spring break, no meeting.
March 27 ACSU Luncheon—no systems lunch, no meeting.
April 3 Cumulus: Filesystem Backup to the Cloud
Michael Vrable, Stefan Savage and Geoffrey M. Voelker
FAST 2009
Lonnie Princehouse
April 10 SPLAY: Distributed Systems Evaluation Made Simple (or How to Turn Ideas into Live Systems in a Breeze)
Lorenzo Leonini, Étienne Rivière, and Pascal Felber, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland
NSDI 2009
Ymir Vigfusson
April 17 RPC Chains: Efficient Client-Server Communication in Geodistributed Systems
Yee Jiun Song, Marcos K. Aguilera, Ramakrishna Kotla, Dahlia Malkhi
NSDI 2009
Yee Jiun Song
April 24 Virtual Routers on the Move: Live Router Migration as a Network-Management Primitive
Yi Wang, Eric Keller, Brian Biskeborn, Jacobus van der Merwe, Jennifer Rexford
Oliver Kennedy
May 1 Clustera: an integrated computation and data management system
David J. DeWitt, Eric Robinson, Srinath Shankar, Erik Paulson, Jeffrey Naughton, Andrew Krioukov, Joshua Royalty (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
VLDB 2008
Tuan Cao