Cornell Systems Lunch

CS 7490 Fall 2008
Friday 12PM, Upson 315

Robbert van Renesse and Andrew Myers

Sponsored by Microsoft

The Systems Lunch is a seminar for discussing recent, interesting papers in the systems area, broadly defined to span operating systems, distributed systems, networking, architecture, databases, and programming languages. The goal is to foster technical discussions among the Cornell systems research community. We meet once a week on Fridays at noon in Upson 315.

The systems lunch is open to all Cornell Ph.D. students interested in systems. First-year graduate students are especially welcome. Non-Ph.D. students have to obtain permission from the instructor. Student participants are expected to sign up for CS 7490, Systems Research Seminar, for one credit.

To join the systems lunch mailing list please send an empty message to with the subject line "join". More detailed instructions can be found here.

Links to papers and abstracts below are unlikely to work outside the Cornell CS firewall. If you have trouble viewing them, this is the likely cause.

Date Paper Presenter
August 29 Remus: High availability via asynchronous virtual machine replication
Brendan Cully, Geoffrey Lefebvre, Dutch Meyer, Mike Feeley, and Norm Hutchinson, University of British Columbia; Andrew Warfield, University of British Columbia and Citrix Systems, Inc.
NSDI 2008
Tudor Marian
September 5 Preventing memory error exploits with WIT
Periklis Akritidis, Cristian Cadar, Costin Raiciu, Manuel Costa, Miguel Castro (Microsoft Research)
Oakland Security 2008
Jed Liu
September 12 The five-minute rule twenty years later, and how flash memory changes the rules
Goetz Graefe, HP Labs
Goetz Graefe
September 19 Coordinating processes at Yahoo! with ZooKeeper
Benjamin Reed, Yahoo
Benjamin Reed
September 26 The Transactional Memory / Garbage Collection Analogy.
Dan Grossman (UW)
OOPSLA 2007 Essays Track
Michael George
October 3 Using Hypervisors to Secure Commodity Operating System
David Lie, U. of Toronto
OSDI 2006, Usenix Security Symposium 2008
David Lie
October 10 MSR India - The First 3 1/2
P. Anandan, Managing Director Microsoft Research India
Room change: 655 Rhodes Hall
P. Anandan
October 17 DryadLINQ: A System for General-Purpose Distributed Data-Parallel Computing Using a High-Level Language
Yuan Yu (Microsoft Research) Michael Isard (Microsoft Research) Dennis Fetterly (Microsoft Research) Mihai Budiu (Microsoft Research) Úlfar Erlingsson (Reykjavík University, Microsoft Research) Pradeep Kumar Gunda (Microsoft Research) Jon Currey (Microsoft Research)
OSDI 2008
Hussam Abu-Libdeh
October 24 Detecting In-Flight Page Changes with Web Tripwires
Charles Reis, Steven D. Gribble, and Tadayoshi Kohno, University of Washington; Nicholas C. Weaver, International Computer Science Institute
NSDI 2008
Parvati Iyer
October 31 Consensus Routing: The Internet as a Distributed System
John P. John, Ethan Katz-Bassett, Arvind Krishnamurthy, and Thomas Anderson, University of Washington; Arun Venkataramani, University of Massachusetts Amherst
NSDI 2008
Tuan Cao
November 7 Beyond Pilots: Keeping Rural Wireless Networks Alive
Sonesh Surana, Rabin Patra, and Sergiu Nedevschi, University of California, Berkeley; Manuel Ramos, University of the Philippines; Lakshminarayanan Subramanian, New York University; Yahel Ben-David, AirJaldi, Dharamsala, India; Eric Brewer, University of California, Berkeley, and Intel Research, Berkeley
NSDI 2008
Lakshmi Ganesh
November 14 Corey: an operating system for many cores
Silas Boyd-Wickizer (MIT) Haibo Chen (Fudan University) Rong Chen (Fudan University) Yandong Mao (Fudan University) Frans Kaashoek (MIT) Robert Morris (MIT) Aleksey Pesterev (MIT) Lex Stein (Microsoft Research Asia) Ming Wu (Microsoft Research Asia) Yuehua Dai (Xi'an Jiaotong University) Yang Zhang (MIT) Zheng Zhang (Microsoft Research Asia)
OSDI 2008
Robert Burgess
November 21 Pacemakers and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillators: Software Radio Attacks and Zero-Power Defenses
Daniel Halperin, Thomas S. Heydt-Benjamin, Benjamin Ransford, Shane S. Clark, Benessa Defend, Will Morgan, Kevin Fu, Tadayoshi Kohno, William H. Maisel
Oakland Security 2008
Alan Shieh
November 28 Thanksgiving break, no meeting.
December 5 Interference rendered significantly harmless
Ramakrishna Gummadi
HotNets 2008
Ramakrishna Gummadi