Cornell Systems Lunch

CS 7490 Fall 2009
Friday 12PM, Upson 315

Emin Gun Sirer, Robbert van Renesse, and Andrew Myers

Sponsored by Microsoft

The Systems Lunch is a seminar for discussing recent, interesting papers in the systems area, broadly defined to span operating systems, distributed systems, networking, architecture, databases, and programming languages. The goal is to foster technical discussions among the Cornell systems research community. We meet once a week on Fridays at noon in Upson 315.

The systems lunch is open to all Cornell Ph.D. students interested in systems. First-year graduate students are especially welcome. Non-Ph.D. students have to obtain permission from the instructor. Student participants are expected to sign up for CS 7490, Systems Research Seminar, for one credit.

To join the systems lunch mailing list please send an empty message to with the subject line "join". More detailed instructions can be found here.

Links to papers and abstracts below are unlikely to work outside the Cornell CS firewall. If you have trouble viewing them, this is the likely cause.

Date Paper Presenter
August 28 RouteBricks: Exploiting Parallelism to Scale Software Routers
Mihai Dobrescu (EPFL) and Norbert Egi (Lancaster University/Intel Research), Katerina Argyraki (EPFL), Byung-Gon Chun (Intel Research), Kevin Fall (Intel Research), Gianluca Iannaccone (Intel Research), Allan Knies (Intel Research), Maziar Manesh (Intel Research), Sylvia Ratnasamy (Intel Research)
SOSP 2009
Tudor Marian
September 4 Tolerating Hardware Device Failures in Software
Asim Kadav (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Matthew J. Renzelmann (University of Wisconsin-Madison), Michael M. Swift (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
SOSP 2009
Dan Williams
September 11 FAWN: A Fast Array of Wimpy Nodes
David G. Andersen (Carnegie Mellon University), Jason Franklin (Carnegie Mellon University), Michael Kaminsky (Intel Research Pittsburgh), Amar Phanishayee (Carnegie Mellon University), Lawrence Tan (Carnegie Mellon University), Vijay Vasudevan (Carnegie Mellon University)
SOSP 2009
Lakshmi Ganesh
September 18 Experience with a Write/Subscribe Service for Managing Application Serving Middleware
Mike Spreitzer (IBM Research)
Mike Spreitzer
September 25 Fabric: a platform for secure distributed computation and storage
Jed Liu, Michael D. George, K. Vikram, Xin Qi, Lucas Waye, Andrew C. Myers (Cornell University)
SOSP 2009
Jed Liu
October 2 On the Structure of Unstructured Overlay Networks
Luis Rodrigues (INESC, Portugal)
SRDS 2009
Luis Rodrigues
October 9 MCC-DB: Minimizing Cache Conflicts in Multi-core Processors for Databases
Rubao Lee (The Ohio State Univ.), Xiaoning Ding (The Ohio State Univ.), Feng Chen (The Ohio State Univ.), Qingda Lu (The Ohio State Univ.), Xiaodong Zhang (The Ohio State Univ.)
VLDB 2009
Ben Sowell
October 16 Adaptively Parallelizing Distributed Range Queries
Ymir Vigfusson, Adam Silberstein, Brian Cooper, Rodrigo Fonseca
VLDB 2009
Ymir Vigfusson
October 23 A New Era of Resource Responsibility for Sensor Networks
Matt Welsh (Harvard)
Sensys 2008
Matt Welsh
October 30 Canceled—no systems lunch, no meeting.
November 6 Dynamic Resource Allocation using Virtual Machines for Data Center Environments
Zhen Xiao (Peking University)
Zhen Xiao
November 13 Beehive, a multi-core platform for low-level systems research
Andrew Birrell (Microsoft Research Silicon Valley)
Andrew Birrell
November 20 ACSU Luncheon—no systems lunch, no meeting.
November 27 Thanksgiving Break, no meeting.
December 4 WhiteFi: White Space Networking with Wi-Fi like Connectivity
Rohan Narayana Murty (Harvard)
Rohan Narayana Murty