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Projects: Awards

  • Rovio and Juliet: Vision-based Autonomous Navigation with Real-time Obstacle Learning.
    Jae Yong Sung, Supasorn Suwajanakorn, Jong Hwi Lee. (YouTube, final report)
    Best project award, and tied for best video award.
  • Vision-based obstacle detection and avoidance.
    Cooper Bills, Arjun Prakash, and T.S. Leung. (video, final report)
    Tied for best video award.
    Now a published paper in International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2011. [PDF]
  • Visual SLAM using Rovio.
    Jeffrey Buente, Rohan Sharma and Daniel Mejía.(video, final report)
    Tied for best idea award.
  • Rovio Augmented Vision Mapping .
    Sam Fladung, James Mwaura. (final report, video)
    Tied for best idea award.
  • Learn to Load Dishwasher.
    Changxi Zheng. (final report, video1, video2)
    Runner up for best idea award.
  • Rovio Lego Collector.
    Joe McCourt, Jun Nishiguchi. (video, final report)
    Runner up for best video award.
  • Replication of Human Two-Fingered Grasping Motions in Robotic Manipulation of Household Objects.
    Matthew Cong, Stephen Moseson, Andrew Vo. (video, final report)
    Runner up for best video award.

Projects: Spring 2010

  • Super Assembling Arms.
    Yun Jiang, Hanpin Yan, Nan Xiao. (video, final report)
  • 3D Object Classification and Gripping Point Learning.
    Nathan Lloyd, Sebastian Castro, Rui Wu. (final report)
  • Autonomous RC Car Drifting.
    Andrew Perrault, Samuel Henry, Jonathan Diamond. (final report, video1, video2, video3)
  • Thirsty Rovio - Autonomous Mini-Keg Locating Robot.
    Tim Sams, Jeff Melville. (video, final report)
  • Object Purpose Based Grasping.
    Song Cao, Jijie Zhao. (final report)
  • Target Localization through Image Based Visual Servoing.
    Peter Greczner, Matthew Rosoff. (video, final report)
  • Learning in Vision Processing for CUAUV.
    Kenneth Bongort. (final report)
  • Rovio Mapping Using Color Based Object Localization.
    Alexander Mora. (final report)
  • Robot Visual Mapper.
    Hung Dang, Ramu Nachiappa, Jasdeep Singh Hundal. (video, final report)
  • Autonomous Stable Flight with a PID Controller.
    Stephen Wong, Jennifer Yu. (video, final report)
  • Multiple Learning Methods for Autonomous Lane Navigation.
    Barrett Ames. (final report)
  • Vision and LIDAR Feature Extraction .
    Yong-Way Chee, Tsung-Lin Yang. (video, final report)
  • Obstacle Avoidance and Color Detection using Image Segmentation.
    Kamruzzaman Rony and Norris Xu. (video, final report)
  • Mr.HANDI - Human and digit identificaiton.
    Chris McNally, Hee Jung Ryu, Kenon Fachon. (video, final report)
  • Identifying Grasping Points on Common Household Objects.
    Sajeev Krishnan, Avtar Khalsa. (final report)
  • Monocular Obstacle Detection.
    Ankur Kumar, Ashraf Mansur. (final report).(video)
  • Localization and Mapping Using NI Robotics Kit.
    Eric Gunther, Anson Dorsey, Jeremy Fein. (video, final report)
  • Hardware Parallelization of the Scale Invariant Feature Transform Algorithm.
    Jasper Schneide, Skyler Schneider. (final report)
  • Monocular Simultaneous Localization and Mapping using Color Features.
    Jason Moran. (final report, video)
  • Assembling Objects With a Robotic Arm and Supports.
    Daniel Cabrini Hauagge.(final report)