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Q. Which version of the course should I register in?

A. If you are an undergraduate, you have to register in one of the 4758 versions (CS, ECE or MAE). If you are a PhD student, then you should register in the CS 6758 version. If you are a Masters student, you should register in one of the 4758 versions; however, you can register in CS 6758 with prior instructor permission.

Q. I am a sophomore. Should I take the course?

A. If you satisfy the pre-reqs, are strong in programming and are excited about robotics research, you are encouraged to take the 4758 version of the course. However, you should talk to the instructor to clarify if you have the skills for the course. (Freshman excited about robotics should take CS 1114, and not CS 4758.)

Q. Would graduate and undergraduate students be graded together?

A. The grading for the class project as well as for the final student grades would be different for the 4758 and the 6758 version of the course.

Q. What other courses are there in robotics at Cornell?

A. Please visit Robotics at Cornell, and click on Courses.