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Previous year's projects: Spring 2010.

Projects: Awards, Personal Robotics, Aerial Robotics, Others.


Best project award.

Object Placement. Kevin Yang, Michael Lyons, Paul Kiernan. (more)

Best video award.
Runner-up for best project.

Box Manipulation with Adept Arm. Paul Heran Yang, Tiffany Low. In RSS workshop mobile manipulation, 2011.

Best demo award.
Runner-up for best project.

Learning and Reacting to Hand Signals. Garrett Bernstein, Nyk Lotocky, Dan Gallagher.

Most Outstanding idea.

Robotic Annoyance Detection. Samuel Sinensky, David Diner.

Runner-up, best video award.

fAce Crusher: The Evasive Action. Mevlana Gemici, Yuandong Zhuang.

Runner-up, best demo award.

Human Robot Collaboration using Micro-delegation. Igor Labutov, Jason Yosinski. Demo in RSS workshop on RGBD cameras, 2011.

Personal Robotics

Robot Construction Worker. Alycia Gailey, Alex Slover.

Learning to Place New Objects. Marcus Lim.

Panopticon. Boiar Qin, Ningchuan Wan.

Honorable Mention.

3D Object Detection using Kinect. Tian Li, Mike Wilson, Prabhat Putchakayala.


Learning kinematic analogies.. Daniel Ly. Poster in RSS workshop on RGBD cameras, 2011.


Automated Semantic Mapping of Environment. Dongsu Lee, Aperahama Parangi.

Aerial Robots

Honorable Mention..

Moving Person Avoider. Yi Heng Lee, Sze Kiat Sim.


Flee the Building. Drew Hoelscher, Aaron Sarna, Michael Oleske.


Parrot Sentry Drone. Job Davis, Brian McGlade.

Person Tracker. Anthony Chang, Sheldon Xu.

Autonomous Quadrotor Flight for Search and Rescue.
Dale Cassidy.

  • Autonomous Object Search with the AR.Drone Quadrotor.
    Kritarth Jain, Hyundo Reiner. (PDF)
  • Towards Obstacle Detection, Tracking, and Navigation in Neuromorphic Hardware.
    Weixu Goh, Saurav Kumar, Ian Lenz. (no pdf)


Autonomous Map Generation using Kinect. David Skiff.

Objects Transfer Between Humans and Robots. Benjamin Phillips, Benjamin Jaeger.

  • Optimally Energy-Efficient Bipedal Gaits on Varying Slopes.
    Nicolas Champagne-Williamson. (PDF)
  • Semantic Labelling of Indoor Office Spaces using RGB-D Images.
    Hema Swetha Koppula, Abhishek Anand. (abstract, no pdf)
  • Discovering Objects' Kinematic Structures.
    Akram Helou. (abstract)
  • Modeling Environments through Kinematic Interactions.
    Shahrukh Mallick, Andrew Spielberg. (PDF)