Week Day Date 4410 Topic 4411 Topic Homework
1 Fri Jan 24 Architectural Support for OS Administrivia, Pointers in C (pptx) P0 Release
2 Fri Jan 31 Processes Address layout, Context switches (pptx) P0 Due; P1 Release
3 Fri Feb 7 Processes, Scheduling Class cancelled due to snow
4 Fri Feb 14 Scheduling, Synchronization Git basics and tips (pptx)
5 Fri Feb 21 Synchronization Interrupts, Quanta (pptx) P1 Due; P2 Release
6 Fri Feb 28 Synchronization EGOS and P2 Code Details (pptx)
7 Fri Mar 6 Synchronization No Class
8 Fri Mar 13 Virtual Memory Disk caches; Intro to P3 (pptx) P2 Due; P3 Release
9 Fri Mar 20 Classes Suspended Classes Suspended
10 Fri Mar 27 Classes Suspended Classes Suspended
Fri Apr 3 Spring Break
12 Fri Apr 10 Virtual Memory No Class
13 Fri Apr 17 Disks and Flash FAT Filesystem Design; Intro to P5 (pptx) P3 Due; P5 Release
14 Fri Apr 24 File Systems No Class
15 Fri May 1 File Systems TreeDisk Design; File System Testing/Debugging (pptx)
16 Fri May 8 Networking No Class P5 Due

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