CUGL Engine

CUGL Engine LibGDX is the game engine that we will be using for this class. This page is a list of links and tutorials to hep you with using this engine. While primarily for programmers, it is good for designers to peruse this page as well.


GitHub We ask that all groups use the Cornell Git repository for their game this semester. It keeps your game project in a single, easy to reference place. It also makes it easy for you to add course staff to your repository.


CampusWire Most of our discussions will take place in Discord this semester. However, we do find that a question forum is very useful for things that need high profiles attention, such as bug reports on the game engine


Discord While most critiques and discussions will take place in Zoom (so that we can have a shared experience), we will use Discord for playtesting. Until Showcase, access to this Discord server is limited to students in the course.


C++ API This website is a good collection of API documentation and tutorials. It is less official than, but contains a lot more information. It is my goto when I need to look up something about a standard library class.

Style Guide

Style Guide All design documents created for this course must obey certain rules, which are common to technical writing. This page outlines some of the most important rules for this course. You should review this page before submitting any document.