Lab Activities

Unlike CS 3152, this course does not have explicit game labs. The only labs are ENGRC labs, which are part of the companion course ENGRC 4152. They are intended to help you both prepare and revise the numerous documents involved in this course. As a result, there is never anything additional to turn in. However, in a few cases, we do have any associated critique session following that lab. You should pay attention to these.

Lab Task Date Critique
ENGRC 1 Idea Formation 02/10/21 02/12/21
ENGRC 2 Concept Workshop 02/17/21 N/A
ENGRC 3 Milestones 02/24/21 N/A
ENGRC 4 Gameplay Workshop 03/03/21 N/A
ENGRC 5 Technical Workshop 03/17/21 03/19/21
ENGRC 6 Document Revsions 03/31/21 N/A
ENGRC 7 Promotional Video 04/14/21 N/A
ENGRC 8 App Store Proposal 04/28/21 N/A
ENGRC 9 Portfolio Revision 05/12/21 N/A