Lessons These are the course lecture videos, listed in reverse order (most recent video first). You are expected to watch these and be familiar with the material before the associated activity that depends on them.


Classtime Actual class time will not be spend on lectures this semester. Instead, all class time will be spend on discussion, critique, or office-hours style help. In the cases of discussion and critique, we will record the Zoom sessions and post those here.


Labs Labs are hands on actiivites to help you make progress throughout the course. They are broken up into game labs (which give you a head-start on the development process) and ENGRC labs (which help you with design and documentation).


Reading We are not making the textbook mandatory this year. However, we will reference it occasionally. This page introduces the course textbook as well as several other valuable online resources.

Code Samples

Code Samples There is a lot to learn about the game engine that we will be using for this course. Many students find that they learn best, not by reading the API, but by looking at sample code. Here we gather some of the more useful samples that we have created over the years.