CS 414
Introduction to Operating Systems
Spring 2001
Cornell University Computer Science Department


  • Have a good summer.
  • FINAL REGRADING SESSION for project 3 will be on Sunday, 3-4pm in the undergrad lab. If you have questions about project 3, or you want us to run tests again, etc, please turn up, otherwise you will forfeit all opportunities for a regrade! Note that if you had a bug in your code and we said you could fix it and resubmit, it must be working by 3pm!
  • Test files for project 3 are available
  • May 18: Final exam is on May 18, 9:00-11:30 am in OH 155.
  • May 14: Please pick up any remaining graded homeworks from Tammy Howe in 4119 Upson.

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