Tips and Tricks for the Palmax @migo

Setting up the @migo

Initial set up is pretty easy:

Setting up the Wireless Card

To connect to the CS department Wireless LAN through your PocketPC + Aironet card, follow these steps:

  1. Have your PocketPC, Aironet card and a web-connected PC at hand.
  2. Install Microsoft Active Sync on your PC.
  3. Download the Driver executable (.cab) file onto your PC ( Cisco web site)
  4. Follow the Installation Instructions. These will tell you how to:

    You will need to know/have the following details when you plug in and set up the options for your Aironet Card:

  5. Once steps 1-4 are done, you will be able to check the transmit/receive statistics of your Aironet card. Just check out the utilities in Programs/Cisco on your PocketPC, while the Aironet card is plugged in.
  6. Wait for some time, then open up an explorer window on your PocketPC (Start->Explorer) and start browsing the web. The initial load may take some time.


To reset a wedged @migo (e.g. the on/off button does not work, the screen has random images, etc.), follow these steps:

  1. Connect the @migo to a power supply or attach it to a powered cradle, and check if the problem goes away.
  2. If attaching to power does not help, do a warm restart by pressing the RESET button in the back with a pen/stylus, and see if the @migo reboots properly.
  3. If a warm restart does not help, do a cold reboot as follows:
  4. Your @migo should come back online, fresh as the day it did from the factory. All your stored data will be lost. Just reinstall.
  5. If steps 1-3 do not lead to step 4, see someone from the CS414 staff.

Closing Applications

The windowing system inexplicably does not let you close an application by clicking on a button. But most applications respond to Ctl-Q. Bring the app to the foreground, click on the keyboard to the lower right, select Ctl, then tap Q. The application will probably quit.