CS 414 Course Schedule

Lecture   DateTopicSlidesDueAssignments and Reading
1 Week 1Jan 22Course Overview & OS EvolutionpdfS&G Ch. 1
2Jan 24Architectural Support for OSespdfS&G Ch. 2, H&P Chapter 9
3Jan 26I/O Path and Arch SupportpdfHW1S&G Ch. 2, H&P Chapter 9
4 Week 2Jan 29ProcessespdfS&G Ch. 3
5Jan 31Threads & SchedulingpdfS&G Ch. 4, Ch. 5.1-5.5
6Feb 2SchedulingpdfHW2S&G Ch. 5.5
7 Week 3Feb 5Synchronization with atomic load/storeS&G Ch. 6.1-6.3
8Feb 7Project overview. Spinlocks, SemaphoresS&G Ch. 6.3-6.4
9Feb 9Synchronization ProblemsHW3S&G Ch. 6.5-6.8 (skip 6.9)
10 Week 4Feb 12Monitors, Condition Variables and Language SupportS&G Ch. 6
11Feb 14Deadlocks, Prevention, AvoidancepdfS&G Ch. 7.1-7.6
12Feb 16Deadlocks, Detection, RecoverypdfHW4S&G Ch. 7.6-7.8
13 Week 5Feb 19Distributed Systems & Networking IntropdfS&G Ch. 15
14Feb 21Networking BasicspdfPROJ1S&G Ch. 15
15Feb 23Ethernet and LANspdfHW5Metcalfe & Boggs paper
16 Week 6Feb 26Internet, DNS and IPpdfSaltzer, Reed & Clarke, End-to-End paper
17Feb 28UDP, TCPpdf
18Mar 2TCP Congestion, RPCpdfHW6
19 Week 7Mar 5RPC, Ad-hoc routing, AODV, DSRpdfS&G Ch. 16.3
20Mar 7Memory ManagementpdfS&G Ch. 8
21Mar 9Virtual MemorypdfHW7S&G Ch. 8
22 Week 8Mar 12Page replacement, FIFO, OPTpdfPROJ2S&G Ch. 8
23Mar 14LRU, Review Sessionpdf
24Mar 16Midterm
25Mar 26 Week 9Midterm review, Disk StructureS&G Ch. 10
26Mar 28Filesystem OverviewpdfS&G Ch. 11
27Mar 30Filesystem strategies, MSDOS, UFSpdfS&G Ch. 21.7
28Apr 2 Week 10RAIDpdfHW8H&P
29Apr 4Disk Scheduling and Tertiary StoragepdfS&G Ch. 13
30Apr 6LFSpdf
31Apr 9 Week 11Distributed FilesystemspdfHW9S&G Ch. 14
32Apr 11NFS and AFSpdf
33Apr 13Napster and FreenetpdfFreenet paper.
34Apr 16 Week 12Security Basics, AuthenticationpdfHW10+PROJ3S&G Ch. 19
35Apr 18Access Control, ACLs, CapabilitiespdfS&G Ch. 20
36Apr 20Attack Nomenclature, Defense & Detectionpdf
37Apr 23 Week 13Extensibility, Software Fault IsolationpdfHW11
38Apr 25Mobile codepdfS&G Ch. 3.5, 3.6
39Apr 27OS Structure, SPINpdfSPIN paper
40Apr 30 Week 14Putting it all together: UnixHW12S&G Ch. 21
41May 2Putting it all together: UnixS&G Ch. 21
42May 4Wrap-upHW13+PROJ4S&G Ch. 1-21

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