Locate Your Section

Due to the size of the class, we will need to split up the sections.

When they assigned us classrooms for discussion, they assumed the old enrollements of 72 students. We have not had a class that small in 4 years. But it does mean that Snee is not large enough to hold everyone (unless you are standing up). We are unable to get a larger classroom that holds everyone, so we will have to get a little creative.

We are going to split up the class between Snee 1120 and Uris Library CL3, since we have access to both rooms. The exact ratio of the split is something we will experiment with over the coming weeks. But for this week, we will split half-and-half. Therefore

  • Groups 1-3 and 7-9 go to Snee 1120
  • Groups 4-6 and 10-12 go to Uris Library CL3

If this changes again, we will make another announcement.