Click on a lecture to see the recommended reading for that day. In addition, you can download the slides and any demo code. We do not record lectures in this course. You are expected to attend in order to learn the material.

28. The Industry

We end the semmester talking about the game industry and how to make a career in this space. This lecture is honest, so be prepared for some tough talk.    Details ›

May 2, 2022 slides no demos

27. Dialogue

Dialogue is the primary story vehicle in commercial, story-based games. As we see in this lecture, it is also the focus of some of the most interesting innovations over the past several years.    Details ›

April 22, 2022 slides no demos

26. Storytelling

Some of people think of storytelling as the heart of game design. But other people disagree and say that games do not need story. In this lecture we address this controversy and talk about the role of story in games.    Details ›

April 20, 2022 slides no demos

25. Game Audio

Simple audio in LibGDX is pretty straight forward if you look at the code demos. But as we show in this lecture, a proper game engine should be able to do so much more, provided that you understand how game audio works.    Details ›

April 18, 2022 slides no demos

24. Player Testing

Playtesting doesn’t seem like something we need a lecture for. We have been doing all semester long. But there is a science to it, and we want you to get a little more formal in the final playtesting sessions.    Details ›

April 15, 2022 slides no demos